[stella] SID2TIA V1.1: Mutage Mixage!

Subject: [stella] SID2TIA V1.1: Mutage Mixage!
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 22:59:27 +0200
Hi there!

Woohoo! This is sooooo cool!

Check out the 2600 binary in the ZIP first, it does 30 
seconds of a Rob Hubbard SID song (Final Synth Sample) 
on the VCS in almost acceptable quality!

This was possible with the new channel mixer.

Note: I'm not reposting the whole packe, I'm just 
providing an update of the converter.


- The Tool no longer folds after computing and
  you get a sandclock while it's computing (Yeah! ;-) )

The Mixer:

This is a mighty instrument. Basically you can choose 
between 5 major mix modes:

Unmixed: Plain channel to channel transfer. It's 100%, 
but only 2 out of three channels. For the first analysis 
of a SID tune I'd recommend outputting each SID voice on 
both TIA voices once, so you now what the SID voice 
plays "standalone".

Next three modes leave one channel alone and mix the 
other two.

The final mode mixes all 3 SID voices into the 2 TIA 

Generally all mixing is "intelligent". That means for 
example if in the last mode one of the three channels is 
*silent* this particular frame, automatically the other 
two voices are converted.

You can select a priority for all mixed modes though. 
That means, if both(all three) channels are _not_ 
SILENT, it either does an "even" distribution, or the 
voice(s) with the higher priority are choosen.

Hope that is understandable enough...

Feedback again appreciated.

Happy mixing...

P.S.: Next update is hopefully a fix of the SID 
emulation. And does anyone have the tool sid2crc per 

Totally OT: Weirdest thing ever in my live - I just got 
a mail from David Costello, discussing one of the >The 
Damned< lyrics I have on my webpage... ?!? :-)

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