Re: [stella] Joust Pong expansion

Subject: Re: [stella] Joust Pong expansion
From: ecwilkso@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 12:38:29 -0400
Quoting KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:

> > Or let's say you take a page out of the Rampart/Warlords playbook and you 
> > have some sort of playfield bitmap.  After each round, your joust players 
> > could rebuild their castles.  You could use the up or down on the joystick
> > to plot a block.
> Hrm.  Not a terrible idea, but I wonder if the linear nature of the 
> Pong board limits it's coolness.  Points would come less often
> (would one point = one round?)  Between not really being able to
> direct the ball location ala warlords, and not having a good system
> to determine how many bricks you can replace ala rampart....
> it might be fun because it makes the player more frenetic to 
> guard a certain part of his wall, and adds to the overall perceived
> quality/fullness of the game, but I'm not sure it would work with
> all the goodness you suggest.

How about this?  You have a wall that's 2 bricks thick.  (or whatever number)
Hitting the outermost layer is worth a point, hitting inner bricks are worth 
more.  Maybe getting the ball past the opponent's bat is worth five. Here's the 
kicker:  you can rebuild your wall, but you have to spend your hard won points 
to do it!!!  (And of course there isn't a pause between rounds, so you have to 
rebuild while still defending the wall.)  It may cost more points to rebuild 
than destroy, or it may cost less.  It would have to be playtested.  
Hmm...story idea:  rival lords, living in a stone poor region.  To increase the 
size/strength of your stronghold, you have to scavenge stone from your 

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