Re: Re: [stella] Joust Pong expansion

Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Joust Pong expansion
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 4 Sep 2003 17:43:55 -0000
> First Piero writes after a long time and now Chris :) 
> Nice to see messages from both of you.

I agree!  I'm especially tickled to see Piero, given what a 
trailblazer he was--even in terms of Pong revamps :-)

Speaking of Pong, I thought you all might be amused by
this Gamespy sidebar, a 1976 Creative Computing strategy
guide "Playing Pong To WIN!"

It actually provides some insight to the mechanics of the game...
they must use the same trick I do only resetting the vertical 
position and not the horizontal position or speed of the ball.

> > How about this?  You have a wall that's 2 bricks thick.  (or whatever number)
> > Hitting the outermost layer is worth a point, hitting inner bricks are worth 
> > more.  Maybe getting the ball past the opponent's bat is worth five. Here's the 
> > kicker:  you can rebuild your wall, but you have to spend your hard won points 
> > to do it!!!

It is a cool idea, but I think the cost/benfit ratio of two walls
in terms of A. complexity and B. programmability over gameplay might 
be too high relative to a single wall.  

But having wall parts cost is a cool idea.  And it might even be doable
without interrupting the joystick, and if you're over a 
hole, a brick is added and a point subtracted. (Sigh...though realtime
repair is another argument for slowing things down a bit, getting 
a more floaty feel to it)

Hrrm, even though I think the core JoustPong idea is a ton more 
captivating than ordinary Pong, I do recognize it's limited...I still
might like to include a classic mode just to carry the torch of 
one button control.

(Heheheh--evil thought...who needs joysticks? Once the game has 
started, just let p1 use select and p2 use reset...the first interactive
atari game with NO CONTROLLERS)

The way this went from a motion demo to a game in like a week 
gives me hope - hope that I didn't have a month ago - that I can
add in some of these features.

Thanks all,

There is no god and Murphy is his prophet

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