Re: Re: [stella] Joust Pong expansion

Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Joust Pong expansion
From: ecwilkso@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 18:54:39 -0400
Quoting KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:

> It is a cool idea, but I think the cost/benfit ratio of two walls
> in terms of A. complexity and B. programmability over gameplay might 
> be too high relative to a single wall.  

Fair enough.

> But having wall parts cost is a cool idea.  And it might even be doable
> without interrupting the joystick, and if you're over a 
> hole, a brick is added and a point subtracted. (Sigh...though realtime
> repair is another argument for slowing things down a bit, getting 
> a more floaty feel to it)

Why slow it down?  Things like this are what separate the wizards from the 
watchers!  I still remember how devastated I was after playing Defender for
the first time.  I think I lasted about 10 seconds per man.  It didn't get
much better either.  But I kept coming back for more punishment.

Until you get the hang of wall repair, just ignore it.  You can accumulate 
points without spending any, and simply protect the holes caused by your 
thieving neighbor.  If simply batting the ball gets too easy, then
you start working on the walls.

> Hrrm, even though I think the core JoustPong idea is a ton more 
> captivating than ordinary Pong, I do recognize it's limited...I still
> might like to include a classic mode just to carry the torch of 
> one button control.

Again, why not?  Why not still have one button control?  Remember how in Joust
you would flap against the ceiling like crazy just to get the upper hand?  Why
not have that be the control mechanism?  Or how about this?  To pick up a block,
you have to touch the bottom of the screen.  To release it, you flap against
the ceiling.  Maybe have a flashing cursor that cycles through the empty block
locations at a constant rate.  You keep beating your head until the cursor is
where you want to drop the block.  Or maybe each time you hit your head, the
cursor position increments.  All the while, your evil footpad of a neighbor is
blasting away at your wall.

Wow.  This sounds like a difficult game!  :)

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