Re: [stella] TIA question

Subject: Re: [stella] TIA question
From: "Mark Graybill" <saundby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 15:16:56 -0700
It provides a means to adjust the phase delay of the NTSC color signals. The
3.58MHz signal in the colorburst of the NTSC signal provides a phase
reference, and color is encoded by a phase shift with respect to that
reference. This allows the delay to be adjusted to give the expected colors.

That's the short form, if you look up info on the way NTSC and PAL encode
color you'll see what it's up to.

-Mark G.
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Subject: [stella] TIA question

> What is the purpose of pin 10 (DEL) on the TIA?
> NTSC schematics link it to a 500Kohm POT labelled "Color Delay", which
> is also coupled to the 3.579545 MHz crystal.
> Does this provide some sort of phase shifted version of XTAL?  How
> would that be used?
> (I'm a more of a digital guy than an analog guy).
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