Re: [stella] Random maze

Subject: Re: [stella] Random maze
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 12 Sep 2003 19:56:45 -0000
> >Yes - Maze Craze et al... (Your biggest hurdle is not the display, it's 
> >the RAM required to store your maze data. Maze Craze's maze is 23 rows 
> >high, or a minimum of 115 bytes RAM which is a pretty good chunk of your 
> >available RAM...)
> It only requires half of that much RAM.  You start off with sort of a 
> pegboard like this:
> X X X X X X X
> X X X X X X X
> X X X X X X X
> Then you fill in the walls to make a maze:
>    X   X X   X
> X
> So you only have to store have of the squares.  :oD

At the risk of missing the joke a little, I think that using the 
RAM for the playfield would be much faster in the kernal.  A typical
time/space trade off.  

On the other hand, you seem to describe a pretty good method for 
maze generation.  (depending on if you want a maze with a single 
solution path, or just a corridor-like playfield) I think 
"Tunnel Runner" (see Atari Age for a screen shot of its 2D view) 
uses something like that, since it's the latter rather than a 
maze to solve.

Ah, memories of this one type in text graphic program...not 
sure what magazine, but it would draw a maze, and then solve it,
and you could watch the AI at work in both cases.


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