Re: [stella] Is DASM website down?

Subject: Re: [stella] Is DASM website down?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 15 Sep 2003 16:43:58 -0000
> > > Can any of you access the website?
> >
> > Works just fine for me.
> >
> It's not coming up for me, either.

Works for me right now.

Sometimes I do worry about important sites going away, wondering
if there should be more purposeful mirroring in the community.

Not more websites...I think having fewer but more "canonical" 
sites is a good thing, which is why I was happy when "2600 101"
got put on Atari Age...but the sites that are really crucial, 
especially the ones that are important tools (DASM, Z26, etc)
or just generally good references (The Dig, though right now 
I'm wishing there was a more group oriented and maintained 
site, with ratings and comments/warnings about some of the 
not so hot examples...) people should quietly snag full-site 
copies of 'em and then if something happens to the site, 
the information can be posted somewhere else (that, again,
is why in 2600 101 I have local copies of the supporting docs,
even though to be nice I maintain links to the original URLs)

I assume stella @ biglist is pretty stable? That would be a lot 
of material to mirror, and a huge loss if it went away.

"Give me a plant with a demonstrable sense of irony, then I'll 
  be all over botany." --2000-8-19 

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