Re: [stella] Is DASM website down?

Subject: Re: [stella] Is DASM website down?
From: Rodrigo Silva <stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 23:35:39 -0300

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The new host who took over my old one... doesn't seem nearly as reliable :(
I have seen this "website down" thingy often recently, but it worked after
lots of attempts.
I think its a load issue - the site is sharing a server, probably.

Thank you all for all the replies... specially folks like B Watson and Adrew that provided the mirrors that solved my problem :)

Anyway... Im grateful this matter brought to life again the discussion about mirrors... I agree with Kirk that mirroring huge contents like [stella] or AtariAge is not viable, not matter how important they are. But small yet crucial things like DASM could (and should) have not only a permanent mirror site but also local copies of the file itself should be kept in all reference/tutorial/forum/etc websites. Afterall, if Z26 shuts down, we can always look for another (as great as) emulator. But, as far as i know, no DASM = no homebrews


PS: It seems today DASM's website is accessible to me :) Im glad it came back, after about 2 weeks.

PS2: Kirk and Andrew... you RULE! (yeah, i know, you may be tired of hearing this from each and every newbie that reads your great tutorials... but hey, its my turn and I had to say it! :)

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