[stella] Re: Is DASM website down?

Subject: [stella] Re: Is DASM website down?
From: Peter Gordon <pete@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 18:37:21 +0100
Hi , on the subject of [stella] Is DASM website down?, you said:

> Can any of you access the website? http://www.atari2600.org/dasm

Which browser are you using? It doesn't work in some browsers because the
forwarding service gives a 404 error header, followed by the content of the
destination site. Most browsers show the resulting page, because it is larger
than a few bytes, and so it assumes it is a customised 404 error page,
whereas others just report the 404 error. Provided you aren't using a really
non-mainstream browser (like I do ;), you probably shouldn't notice (although
that doesn't stop it being a really bad thing, imho).


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