Re: [stella] The Multi-Sprite Trick

Subject: Re: [stella] The Multi-Sprite Trick
From: "Clay Halliwell" <clay.h@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 08:46:07 -0500
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Subject: [stella] The Multi-Sprite Trick

> References: The multi-sprite trick was originally used in Galaxian and was
pioneered by Eckhard Stolberg, John Saeger, Erik Mooney and Thomas Jentzsch.
Search Stella List under "Grid demo","trick18","trick12" and "inv3" for more

Wasn't Space Invaders the first to use a somewhat sparse version of this
technique?  And how about the Chess and Stellar Trak kernels, which do
change the sprite data for each instance?


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