Re: [stella] Cave 1K minigame

Subject: Re: [stella] Cave 1K minigame
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 01:11:17 +0200
Hi Thomas,

first of all thanks for sharing your new game!

> But your feedback is wanted (gameplay, tests on real hardware etc.)!

I've only had the time to briefly test it, but I'm already in love with the
feel: the helicopter's movement is very smooth, I like it! Control's perfect
I'm also happy that you've finally found an application for your cave
routine :)

> And I am looking for a better name in the tradition of Thrust and
> Jammed. ;-)

Hmm that may be tough.. I've got no good ideas now, better sleep on it and
see :)


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