Re: [stella] Horizontal movement routine in Donkey Kong and Space Jockey

Subject: Re: [stella] Horizontal movement routine in Donkey Kong and Space Jockey
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 17:35:47 +0100
Hi there!

>> Hm... can any of you guys do a grep over all 2600
>> binaries for this exact hex sequence:

>> e9 0f b0 fc 49 07 0a 0a 0a 0a

>Here is the list:
>- Astro Attack/UFO Patrol
>- Battlezone
>- Bobby is Going Home
>- Challenge
>- Dragon Defender
>- Galaxian
>- Immies & Aggies
>- Jungle Hunt
>- Kangaroo
>- Mission 3000 A.D.
>- Moon Patrol
>- Motocross (Starsoft)
>- Mr. Postman
>- Pole Position
>- Snail Against Squirrel
>- Time Warp
>- Track and Field

Whoa! You realize that almost all of these are somehow 
related to CCE/Brazil? For example most (all?) the Atari 
titles in this list have been programmed by CCE, 
according to Tempests prototype page. I wonder how 
Eckhard will interpret this :-)

> Plus these Starpath games:

Aha, almost the complete library. Anyway, we can exclude 
them as the origin, right? (Though I'm sure guys like 
Stephen Landrum or Dennis Caswell were able to discover 
this technique by themselves...)

> Then I searched for this slight modification (EOR 
> after shift)
>e9 0f b0 fc 0a 0a 0a 0a 49 70:
>- Fireball
>- Kabobber
>- Killer Satellites
>- Private Eye

Here comes Activision...

> Sooo... Who came first?

Maybe we should pass Tempest these lists to analyze them 
by date and origin :-)


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