[stella] "Globetrotter" announcement

Subject: [stella] "Globetrotter" announcement
From: henitrope@xxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 22:01:42 GMT
Hey everbody! :-)

I thought this would be okay to announce here because it relates to homebrews, stella, and to Manuel's inquiry about what everybody's working on lately...

For anybody that may have missed it, "Globetrotter" is a demo program I put together just before PhillyClassic 4, and Albert was gracious enough to display it at the AA booth, to "announce" the idea. After some more planning and a few delays on my part, the cart went into the mail and started his worldwide travels on November 15, 2003. 

The cart supports both PAL and NTSC television formats.

Packrat Video Games will have a webpage up very soon that will be tracking the cart's progress around the world and displaying photos of people with the cart. We will continue to update the site as we receive more photo, etc.

Check out my thread in the 2600 forum on AtariAge for more details: http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=37960

The cart is currently moving around here in the Utah valley among a handful of Atari fans. Very soon, I'll arrange for it to be sent to my brother in the UK( Worksop, England )!

So far, we've had several people sign up to participate, but nobody yet from the UK or other European countries. So, I invite anyone and everyone from the UK who wants to help out to LMK ASAP! Also, the cart will be going through other places in Europe after the UK, most likely Germany will be next!

You can send me a message with your name and/or userhandle and city, country and questions to one of these accounts:

email: henitrope@xxxxxxxx OR trotter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


PM my accounts on AtariAge: "Gateway" OR "Musevox"

Finally, I want to voice my sincere gratitude to members of this stella list for all the interesting developments and help that has been posted here. A special thanks to: Dennis Debro, Zach Matley, Manuel Polik/Rotchezer(sp?) for your input and help when I had questions about the PAL/NTSC of this project back in March! :-)

Also, a big thanks to Albert Yarusso and Jarett Waite for their contributions to getting this project going! 


Weston aka "Gateway"

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