[stella] 11 Invaders "Reloaded"

Subject: [stella] 11 Invaders "Reloaded"
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 23:14:16 +0100
after I finally got a Supercharger (donated from a friendly AtariAge
moderator), I went back to my old Space Invaders idea.

Attached is an early tech demo, which shows 11 invaders/row. The demo
does *NOT* work well on any emulator! (Yet? :-)

There are 11 different positions now, each removed invader column
would add 4 more possible positions). And there still is enough time
for displaying a single missile (ball). The setup code still needs
some optimization, so I am optimistic to reduce the distance between
two rows by 1..3 pixel.

The main trick is to use early HMOVEs and RESP0/1s. This seems to work
on most Atari 2600. Some (those who have problems with Kool Aid Man
too) have little problems with some top left invaders and require
slightly different parameters (recompile with KOOL_AID_OK = 0).

Use the right difficulty switch do get rid of the debug graphics.

I am not sure if 11 invaders would make a better game, so this may
or may not evolve into a finished game. Opinions?

Have fun!
Thomas Jentzsch         | *** Every bit is sacred ! ***
tjentzsch at web dot de |

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