Re: [stella] Music Visualizations

Subject: Re: [stella] Music Visualizations
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 23:48:05 +0100
Hi there!

History in the making. And then only half-assed. :-)

Ok, I finally had some time to programm the effect, only 
I didn't quite make it to have it linked to the music. 
At present it's just boring triggered by the frame 

I sure hope that one sees the potential of the effect I 
programmed and I bet Paul can sync/trigger it to his 
music way better than me :-)

Basically the remaining job would be replacing this with 
something more intelligent:

; Trigger Bars
    LDA frame
    AND #$1F
    BNE SkipTrigger
    INC nextbar
    LDA nextbar
    AND #$07
    STA nextbar
    STA baranimctrs,X

(Probably best wired straight into the driver code...)

Each bar can be triggered individually by doing 
something like:

    LDX #barnumber
    STA baranimctrs,X

The colors are currently hardcoded in a table that can 
either be changed or one can possibly generate the 
colors out of the pitch or the AUDC value.

Suitable FLASHSPEEDs are $10 and $20, though I like the 
fast one better...

Hope you can make some use of this Paul... :)


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