Re: [stella] Video/Computer Chess

Subject: Re: [stella] Video/Computer Chess
From: David <davidgalloway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 05:47:26 -0800
Not what you are looking for but related is the source code and a little back story to Micro Chess for the Kim-1
It's only 1K of ROM but uses more RAM.

I looked it over and it uses about 170 bytes of RAM in zero page and appears to make ample use of the separate 256 byte stack to do backtracking.

Running with the limited RAM, the chess implementation for the 2600 must be fascinating!

(Interesting side note: found Larry Wagner's (original author Video Chess logic) resume on the net. In his resume he mentions the chess game as 6K. Saw a 6K version on the Atari Protos site but the shipped version was 4K)

- David Galloway

A Braunsdorf wrote:

I know asked this a couple of years ago, but it's bubbled back up
to the top of my stack: has anyone really studied Video and Computer
Chess's algorithms?

Everything I see written about them is about the graphics, which,
while clever, is not what I really want to know.

I started in on this before, but was planning to pick it back up
soonest.  (For some reason, I only seem to mess with video games
in the winter time.) Has anyone else really looked at these in

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