Re: [stella] Video/Computer Chess

Subject: Re: [stella] Video/Computer Chess
From: A Braunsdorf <ab@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 12:25:12 -0500
In message <3FD32F6E.5040608@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, David writes:
> Not what you are looking for but related is the source code and a little 
> back story to Micro Chess for the Kim-1
> It's only 1K of ROM but uses more RAM.
> I looked it over and it uses about 170 bytes of RAM in zero page and 
> appears to make ample use of the separate 256 byte stack to do backtracking.

Thanks, I'll throw that in for comparison too. :-)

> Running with the limited RAM, the chess implementation for the 2600 must 
> be fascinating!

Yep!  That's one of the most interesting things about it.  I have
some other questions about it too.

> (Interesting side note: found Larry Wagner's (original author Video 
> Chess logic) resume on the net.  In his resume 
> he mentions the chess game as 6K. Saw a 6K version on the Atari Protos 
> site but the shipped version was 4K)

That's what they say, but it's 4K too, right?  Was when I downloaded
it. :-(

Anybody else got any questions or answers before I dive back in?
The work I'd done on Video Chess so far is on another computer and
I haven't looked at it in a while, but I recall I had a pretty good
start on it.  I was planning to do a detailed writeup and analysis.

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