Re: [stella] Wide Missile Spacing?

Subject: Re: [stella] Wide Missile Spacing?
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 09:51:53 +0100
Hi Glenn!

>> Unfortunately no. The mode "double width & triple 
>> copies" does not exist.

> It would be a nice feature for a TIA+, however.

Yet this is a thing I wouldn't do. You could probably 
double the modes here just by adding D3, but I'd bet 
there's at least some 5-20 games already in the original 
library setting D3 acccidently to '1' resulting in 
totally unpredictable results on a TIA+.

Only way around this was probably really finding a way 
for having the TIA run in either classic or extended 

I also spent some more thought's on the 2 TIA idea I 
had. (Basically I thought to connect an additional real 
TIA to the shadowed registers)

Main problem here is original games using the shadow 
locations already. So you'd have to feed the RIOT chip 
with both collision detection results ORed (Hm... or 
maybe ANDed if it's low active...) hm... uhm... 

Well, no matter if you're using TIA1 or TIA2 _only_, you 
need to get the original collission detection output as 
if it was the only TIA in the system.

Well, you can solve the wiring issues I assume, but if 
programming a 2 TIA game, you'd need to write software 
collission detection.

Similar problems with the PF. both TIAs PF outputs would 
need to work as single master, so it's again using 
either TIA1 or TIA2 only, or introducing a mixing mode 
where one TIA is outputting the left and the other the 
right side.


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