RE: [stella] Sea Wolf 2: Day Two

Subject: RE: [stella] Sea Wolf 2: Day Two
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 18:37:52 +0100
Hi there!

Thanks for fixing the binary Dennis!

Glenn wrote:
> Okay, I took a look at this on a real 2600 and I see 
> some display problems.
> It looks like it's not doing a consistent number of 
> lines.  Is it an NTSC binary?

More or less it's an experimental something binary :-)

There's lots of technical issues to solve and I'm just 
starting. I was just posting binaries and the source to 
document the process and maybe get input and advice here 
or there.

Basically the display is now composed of 8 2LK 
resolution stripes, which do:

- 2 lines repositioning a ship with a battlezonesque 

- 2 lines kicking in the display for a moving 6 char 
  like display

- 22 lines of sprite display

At least that is ~ the plan.

There's lots of technical issues still to solve. One of 
the major points is to have the torpedos smoothly 
crossing any lines of these three types...

An other issue is finding a way to move the range where 
the battlezone trick works smoothely, from pixel 0 to 
pixel 144 (160-16).

I also had this weird idea of a small chance existing 
where the timing required to repostition may also 
already be able to control the delay required for 
kicking in the moving 6-char code...

You'll see, the major factor for this to work is 
probably unsolvable, as the repositioning requires a 
precise HMOVE strobing, which'll normally require a 
WSYNC, which'll ruin the timing for the 6-char and the 
cat is biting it's tail... :-)

Well, to sum it up, I yet don't know wether 24 pixel 
wide sprites will work good enough in the end or not...


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