[stella] I'm Back

Subject: [stella] I'm Back
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 15:42:20 -0600
My how the wheel turns.

It's been more than a year since I even turned on my 2600.  Just recently
I had to investigate compiler design for a project at work, and it reminded
me of my unexplored ideas on doing a compiler for Stella.  And then
I remembered how long it had been since I checked my mail on this account.

During 2003 I had a tree fall on and nearly, but not quite, destroy my
followed closely by a flash flood that nearly, but not quite, destroyed my
car, and I had to have all of my teeth capped.  For four months we had a
computer on the dining room table because GF's office was unusable
during the house repairs, and for several months the TV and stereo and
everything in its cabinet, including the 2600, were in storage.

If it seems that I almost dropped off the face of the Earth, well I guess I
almost did.  But I'm back.  And I have some ideas.  But now I have to
find all my old Stella docs and unbury the PROM programmer from the
pile of crap that somehow got dumped on it during the home repairs.

I just enjoyed this too much to forget about it.  Time to get back in.

--Roger Williams

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