[stella] Since we're saying hello again...

Subject: [stella] Since we're saying hello again...
From: "Bob Colbert" <rcolbert@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 18:13:15 -0600
Hi again,
	Yeah, I really have fallen off the face of the earth.  But I
just had to see what everyone's reaction was to the Activision Anthology
release.  I just got mine this week and checked out the homebrews.  I
think they did a great job!  I've not been doing anything on the 2600 at
all, but I've been working on the next version of Ballybin / Astrowav
for the Bally Astrocade, which is very much like Makewav for the
Supercharger.  I should be releasing the next version that will allow
typing BASIC programs into XML files to load on the Bally.  If you've
ever seen the Bally's keypad, you'll understand how welcome this will be
for Bally enthusiasts.  Just in the last week or so, I discovered how
the Bally stores it's checksums on its tapes, and I was able to load a
BASIC program into the Bally.  It reminded me of the first time I
successfully loaded a ROM image into the Supercharger, I think it was
Beanie Bopper (is that the name?).  Anyway, just wanted to see what the
other homebrew authors who received copies of the Anthology thought of


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