Re: [stella] help me get started with setting up an ASM prog environment

Subject: Re: [stella] help me get started with setting up an ASM prog environment
From: A Braunsdorf <ab@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 02:25:26 -0500
In message <000001c3e494$f2950110$6400a8c0@fasty>, "Joe Wiencis" writes:
> I haven't done any Assembler since the VAX
> days in college so any help is appreciated including source code, tips
> and tricks, beer recommendations etc. because I bet I'll need it. Could
> my VAX Assembly Language Programming book which I still have come in
> handy in any way?

Not much in the specifics on the 2600, but if you ever need to
program a Motorola 68000 machine, that's very similar to the VAX
instruction set.  (This is no coincidence. :-) )  Of course both
of those map well to C, so you're often better off with a compiler
anyway.  (I've an off-topic Atari (Jaguar) story about that...)

But the general knowledge of a processor with several addessing
modes (like VAX) will come in handy.  The 6502 does some of them,
and that's tricky for some people to learn cold, so you've got a
leg up there.

Also the basic ideas of conditional branches and other concepts map
well between the machines (and many others).  If you've had a
computer architecture survey course or something in there somewhere,
you know what I mean.  (And likely we had similar undergrad educations
many moons ago, I'm guessing.)

On the other hand, you've been spoiled by having a lot of registers.
You'll need to put that idea out of your mind completely. :-)

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