Re: [stella] Seawolf: Day Fifteen

Subject: Re: [stella] Seawolf: Day Fifteen
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 17:43:40 +0100
Hi Glenn!

> The explosions look good, but I think at least on the 
> original Sea Wolf the ships sink at least twice as 
> quickly as you have them sinking.

They're now sinking four times as fast. It feels right 

> Also, I have an idea for the sunset.  Do you think you 
> could pull an Enduro and have the sun actually set and 
> then you have to shoot blind or with audio cues?  Then 
> the sun comes back up.

While I like the idea, it is somewhat overkill for the 
display. Different color schemes had to be worked into 6 
different display kernels, plus into the spaces between 
these. Also, an additional color scheme would requires 
another 100+ bytes of ROM for data only, plus a lot more 
for all the additional code.

Also, I'm uncertain about the value this'd add to the 
gameplay. Just a darker color scheme wouldn't change too 
much, yet making it pitch black would probably render it 

> The music sounds a lot better.

Thanks. Certainly no match to Pauls magic, but I didn't 
want to bother him doing yet another cover version. 
Also, I wanted to write a new driver for a long time.

I really like how it turned out. It's fully patternized 
and allows sequencing, so it can work with very few 
data. Yet it's only using 4 bytes RAM. I plan on an 
improved version though, as right now it doesn't support 
ADSR curves.

Oh, before I forget, I also added collisions with the 
mines, so the basic gameplay is there now.


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