Re: [stella] Driving controller multitap

Subject: Re: [stella] Driving controller multitap
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 25 Feb 2004 13:41:13 -0000
> > I'm just saying that the Atari 2600 console has the capacity to support 4 
> > driving controllers with all the buttons active.  There are enough signals 
> > for that.  Whether that is economically viable is another matter.
> But you're still suggesting a hardware hack to plug 'em all in, right?

Actually, is one of central points that the atari doesn't have
enough signals to read 4 joysticks w/ fire buttons?  That, to me,
would seem to have more potential than 4 driving controllers, if 
it was doable.  

Though I think if I'm serious about trying to write 4 player games,
I might have a better time of it getting my feet wet in the Dreamcast
homebrew scene...I don't know if they have their own helpful Thomas 
or Paul though ;-)

 "Anyone who says life is short really isn't paying attention." --March 4 2001 

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