Re: [stella] Driving controller multitap

Subject: Re: [stella] Driving controller multitap
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 21:19:39 -0800
At 01:40 PM 2/26/2004, you wrote:
If you are willing to have such a complex Y-cable setup anyway,
it might be worth a thought to go the full distance and design
a VCS multitap with four (or more) complete controller ports
instead. The directional inputs on the VCS controller ports can
be set to output as well, so you can have the complete left
controller port for input and use the right controller port to
select which of the multitap ports gets mapped to the VCS for

That sounds like it would work, at least for digital controllers, although it would take more time to sample the pins that way than it does just to rewire controllers to use up all the existing unused signals.

You see, with the one successful Y-cable I made, or the footpedal, it's highly passive and not much of a crutch for the VCS. It's really a matter of letting the 2600 use its latent abilities that were heretofore unused for all these years. With a true multitap it's a more active piece of electronics that is interfacing with the 2600 like a peripheral. I guess it's no worse than the process of reading the keyboard controllers.

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