[stella] more exciting that even that! WAS: JoustPong: more exciting than ever!

Subject: [stella] more exciting that even that! WAS: JoustPong: more exciting than ever!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 26 Feb 2004 05:41:35 -0000
A really good day coding today. I think this sucker might
just be able to fly in time for Philly!

I got Paul's kernal working pretty well...it is really nice to 
be flicker free. A few issues I could use some help with, 
I'll talk about that in a second. 

A second big improvement was an idea of AtariAge Al's...
he said that it's not fair that the computer can flap so
quickly, so fast, so I've added a rate limitor that really
makes the computer much less skillful.  (It sounds a little 
too mechanical/rhythmic when it flaps, but hey).  Basically,
there's an upper threshold on how fast it can flap, it needs
its rest.

Also in terms of physics, I sped the ball up a touch, and also
made flaps a little stronger.  I think it was getting too painful
to have to press the button quite that much to stay in place.
(Not too too bad on a keyboard, but depending on the joystick's
button, kinda painfil)

Oh, and Pterry's flapping around in a much more interesting
pattern. It really does add a nice element of...not quite chance...
unexpectedness...to the game.

So finally, here are the 4 problems I have w/ the kernal.
I don't think any are really really show stoppers, but they're

* I had to modify Paul's kernal to use indirect addressing 
  for the players, so the overscan could determine if it's wing 
  up or wingdown.  Unforunately, when I went to do the same 
  thing for Pterry, I done ran out of time, big time, and my 
  scanlines started going crazy. 

  Now, brute force, I probably still have enough ROM space
  to have two kernals...one for pterry wing up, one wing down.
  But that is BRUTAL, and if someone can show me a way to 
  avoid that, I'd appreciate it.

* Also, the players aren't quite touch the 'floor'...and the right
  player has some shrinkage issues, the last line gets cut off 
  when it's at rest.

* Another issue, but a small and liveable one, is that when
  pterry cross a point about 3/4 over on the screen, each shifts
  down a pixel.  With the ball it's not noticeable, with Pterry 
  a bit more so.

* finally, the kernal uses some extreme cleverness with ENABL...
  but it seems limited to one scan line.  Which isn't too terrible,
  but I wonder if I should try and see if there's any room for 
  a multi scanline ball or not, timing wise...

well, those are the primary issues I think I only have a tiny
chance of being able to deal with on my own, so if someone wants
to play squeeze the kernal, I'd be your bestest friend  in the
whole world.

A list of by TODOs and DONEs on 
Latest source:
Latest binary:

Thanks! I'm really getting psyched about releasing at Philly...
maybe sign a few carts, run a tourney...and maybe even one
other surprise I'm trying to cookup w/ Al...

KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    http://kisrael.com
"I would have made a good pope" --Richard M. Nixon 

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