Re: [stella] Krokodile Cart prototype review

Subject: Re: [stella] Krokodile Cart prototype review
From: Adam Thornton <adam@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 13:48:51 -0600
On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 13:09, Chris Wilkson wrote:
> The circuit you pointed to has a few problems.  One obvious problem is
> the output impedance is not 75 ohms.  Easy to fix, but there are some
> other problems that I won't go into now.  If you want to build one
> yourself, build the circuit by Thomas Clancy.  It's available in the
> 2600 FAQ on AtariAge.  It will give you a nice reliable picture, though
> it's not spec and can't be easily adjusted on the fly. the "video driver" circuit his?  I'm already planning on doing
the CD4050 for S-Video.  It's the composite side I'm really worried
about: what's the right way to mix Chroma and Luma to get a good
composite signal?

Oh, how I wish that the Commodore 1702 monitor had stereo audio.  I just
got one, finally, and it's wonderful, and has separate Chroma and Luma,
but only one audio channel.  So I'll need to add a mono/stereo switch to
my 2600 mod as well.


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