Re: [stella] Cybertech board manufacturing

Subject: Re: [stella] Cybertech board manufacturing
From: John Saeger <johnws8@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 09:43:48 -0800
I'd also like to hear about anybodies experience with a heavy sixer.  I
don't have one right now, but I've been planning on getting one since
they seem to be the only ones that can do all of the undocumented
instructions correctly.  It would be interesting to try to understand
why they do.  Is there something different about the design, or is it
just the shielding that makes a difference?


On Sat, 2004-02-28 at 13:24, Chris Wilkson wrote:
> We're waiting on 75 assembled boards and 25 extra (blank) PCBs.
> If anyone wants to front for it, I'm all for it.  But as everyone knows, I'm
> just a poor college student...I have no cash.  I don't think
> is willing to front a large order either.  The problem with projects like
> this is that everyone wants one until it comes time to buy.  You never know
> how many units will actually sell unless you take preorders.
> 2 cents.
> Also (this is the strange part)...I have yet to see anyone actually review
> the board.  No good reviews, no bad reviews.  A couple of people have made
> short comments of "you should get one" or "cable routing in the heavy 6er
> isn't easy" or the like, but I know some people are waiting for 3rd party
> review(s) before ordering.
> Out of curiosity, how many people here have actually received (and used)
> a CyberTech Video Card?  And on a related note, how many people have paid
> for one (or more) and not yet received it?
> -Chris
> On Sat, 28 Feb 2004, Glenn Saunders wrote:
> > At 12:30 PM 2/27/2004, you wrote:
> > >This is becoming ridiculous.  The board house has had one delay after
> > >another.  The problem is, they aren't telling us what's going on each time.
> >
> > How many are being ordered?  Maybe someone should take a risk and buy a
> > large batch of these so that it won't be necessary to keep reordering
> > boards which appears to incur an even greater risk.
> >
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