Re: [stella] Stelladaptor 2600-to-USB Interface

Subject: Re: [stella] Stelladaptor 2600-to-USB Interface
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 8 Mar 2004 13:34:29 -0000
> At 06:17 PM 3/7/2004, you wrote:
> >z26 Atari
> >2600 Emulator to ensure support for the Stelladaptor.
> I was wondering, if Eckhard is actively working on Z26 maybe he could add 
> an interactive debugger also?
> I saw hooks for a debugger in Stella but it seems that Stella really isn't 
> getting much development anymore for whatever reason.

You know, I had some slightly better luck using PCAE for Windows' debugger 
now that I have a stronger idea of what I'm doing.  If you have DASM generate 
a listfile, you can see which of the zero page values are going to be 
assigned what name in the code, and you can pull up a similar reference
for the unique Stella special memory locations.  (Why they couldn't make
one more window, that showed each Stella label and its corresponding 
memory value rather than making you look it up in the grid, I'm not sure)

Anyway, that was enough to let me accuratey recreate the Pterry sound 
from 2600 joust, I found the values of AUD* registers.

I had less luck coordinating the list file ROM instructions and PCAEWin's
view, but I didn't try all that hard.

PCAE Win's interface is just missing a few features that would make it 
much easier (like, a simple 'advanced one frame' button rather than having
to keep reentering "go to scanline 1) over and over) and it would be WONDERFUL 
if it could read in a listfile and show the variable names and source code 
lines along with the memory location values and generated ASM, respectively.  
But right now, I kind of fear for PCAEWin's health...its website has been down for a bit.

(Though there seems to be some indication it was open source...does
anyone know about that, or have snagged a copy of the source?)

Anyway, it might be more feasible to adapt PCAEWin's source than 
Z26's.  (Actually, does Z26 run in a window? I always use it 
fullscreen. PCAEwin's window'd nature makes a debugger easier
a bit. Also, I've done some debugging in PCAWin by recording 
an AVI, and then bringing that into Animation Shop, where I can
inspect it frame by frame.)

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  it's tough to get up a really sincere-sounding round of cheers when 
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