[stella] finalish joustpong feedback

Subject: [stella] finalish joustpong feedback
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 10 Mar 2004 06:40:21 -0000
for the latest...made up a super rough draft for the manual in
HTML, that was kind of fun.

Still poised to do last minute changes to the physics (esp.
now that I have proper rate limiters, both min and max) and 
the AI...actually most of that can be done by messing w/ 
CONSTANT defines)

Still wish I knew why the music (and I think, the entire framerate)
goes NUTS when the user hits select to return to the main game 
in Z26.

And it still doesn't work in Stella....maybe I should look for 
a substitute for SLEEP 15, that's the only thing I can think of.

But, seemes fine on a 2600 :-)
(though Z26 is weirdly much more forgiving when you forget to 
put a # in front of a numeric constant, I don't know if it 
initialzies memory more than the real thing or what.)

KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    http://kisrael.com
 "Anyone who says life is short really isn't paying attention." --March 4 2001 

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