RE: [stella] behold, i am become shiva, destroyer of kernals!

Subject: RE: [stella] behold, i am become shiva, destroyer of kernals!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 11 Mar 2004 13:49:47 -0000
> Kirk:
> I compiled both source files and tried them on my CuttleCart 2 and 7800, and
> they both appeared to work fine.  I haven't been following too closely, but
> was there something specific I need to do to see the kernel break?

Nah, just load it on a supercharger.   Does CuttleCart 2 have some 
kind of "ROM" protection that a Supercharger might be lacking?

I'd hate to just go back to doing final debugging on Z26, and crossing
my fingers that my burnt cart won't have the problem.  I need to find
this and fix it but I have no idea how. 

On ,
the ROM of March 8th seems ok (well, it has another stupid constant 
bug for the initial ball speed 1/2 the time) but March 9th starts 
to go nuts on a supercharger. But like my other research has shown,
it's kind of an odd delicate situation.

> One thing that you probably already know is that you don't want to touch
> fff8 if you want people to use your 4k binary on an unmodded Supercharger.
> I learned that the hard way.  I seriously doubt this is a problem for you
> here, since a binary compare of the two compiled binaries shows the
> following differences:

Yeah, this is near the end of my DASM listfile:
  4179  ffbd				   BeatLengthData
   4180  ffbd		       10		      .byte.b	#16
   4181  ffbe		       02		      .byte.b	#2
   4182  ffbf		       04		      .byte.b	#4
   4183  ffc0		       02		      .byte.b	#2
   4184  ffc1		       0a		      .byte.b	#10
   4185  ffc2		       02		      .byte.b	#2
   4186  ffc3		       16		      .byte.b	#22
   4187  ffc4		       02		      .byte.b	#2
   4188  ffc5		       0a		      .byte.b	#10
   4189  ffc6		       02		      .byte.b	#2
   4190  ffc7		       16		      .byte.b	#22
   4191  ffc8		       02		      .byte.b	#2
   4192  ffc9
   4193  ffc9
   4194  ffc9
   4195  ffc9
   4196  ffc9
   4197  ffc9
   4198  ffc9
   4199  ffc9
   4200  fffc					      org	$FFFC
   4201  fffc		       00 f0		      .word.w	Start
   4202  fffe		       00 f0		      .word.w	Start
   4203  10000
   4204  10000

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