Re: [stella] behold, i am become shiva, destroyer of kernals!

Subject: Re: [stella] behold, i am become shiva, destroyer of kernals!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 12 Mar 2004 06:24:06 -0000
> >bad news: I musta been relying on something in the old memory clear,
> >because now I have some extraneous crap under the main sprites in my
> >title screen kernal.  This shows up on 2600 (supercharger) but not
> >Z26 or PCAE
> Your loop is too long, or your sprites aren't big enough - You're drawing 16 lines in the selector, but the sprites are only 9 or 10 lines high so it's continuing on into the top/bottom of the next sprite. Or something like that (or your skipdraw is failing).
> Not sure why this worked before, or why it still works in z26.
> Don't really understand why you used such a complicated kernal there (the title page options selector) you don't need to use any skipdraw etc you just need to read data through the sprite pointers and push them into registers...

I'm a good citizen...I recycle!!!

Seriously, it seemed easiest to reuse Paul Slocum's kernal...
actually, the options selector kernal does almost as much stuff
as the "real" kernal...the PF wall, pterry, the 2 players...
just not the ball.
Pterry's not doing too much, just there for decoration, 
but it's easier not to have to reset the player graphic

I have to go to bed...but the question remains...if I screwed
up the loop....what the heck am I doing in my messed up
memory clear routine that lets that work??? Could it be 
related to my other kernal blowups?


"We're all soldiers in the war against entropy." --alt.folklore.computers

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