[stella] reset switch: when to act?

Subject: [stella] reset switch: when to act?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 13 Mar 2004 04:12:44 -0000
So, I decided I didn't like the way my game was in a 
frame-free limbo as reset was being held.

At first I fixed it so that pressing reset 
triggers a game start, holding reset thereafter 
does nothing.

Then, looking at what Joust does, I realie I could more
effeciently just move my reset check to the END of my 
game loop...that way the game displays but is frozen
til reset is released. The problem is, because it's 
doing the init code over and over, it pops up to
267 scanlines until Reset is released

Or, I could make it so pressing reset does nothing,
but releasing reset starts a new game.

Whaddya think?
What's the most standard and/or friendliest?

(other than the middle option, but spending dev
time I'm running out of to get it to the normal 
262 scan lines... I wouldn't worry about it
except someone mentioned odd # of scanlines make
things even less delightful for PAL TVs...)

Anyways, I think any of those 3 options are nicer
than going into limbo while reset is being 
held down...

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