[stella] Generic kernal or just build a game?

Subject: [stella] Generic kernal or just build a game?
From: stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 17:31:23 -0600
Hi all,
I've been trying to build a flicker kernal on my own for a few days with
limited success (read "complete disaster").  My goal is to build a "smart"
flicker kernal that's generic enough to allow 0-n sprites at the same time
(where n is a reasonably small number) but I can't get the code to render
more than one non-overlapping sprite without crossing the wsync boundary...
even with line skipping.  The code that's eating up cycles like crazy is
related to the flexibility I'm trying to build in.  Flexibility that's
needed in a generic kernal.

Although I'm still pretty new at this, I'm not new to programming and
solving problems.  I've been making a lot of progress in the past couple of
weeks.  Still, I know there's some really wizardly stuff that you
experienced programmers do that is simply beyond my current understanding.
Like, I love the concept of generating and executing code in RAM, but the
examples I've seen are over my head.  (TIA tricks.)

Anyway, my question is:  Is it worthwhile to build a generic kernal or
should I dive right into game-specific kernal development?  I've built a
two-sprite/one-missile "game" already (who hasn't, right?)... I'm just
trying to decide what project to take on that's not too ambitious for me at
this point.


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