Re: [stella] PhillyClassic, John K Harvey, the homebrew scene, etc WAS:Climber 5 source code

Subject: Re: [stella] PhillyClassic, John K Harvey, the homebrew scene, etc WAS:Climber 5 source code
From: "Jarett Waite" <jycej@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 20:20:14 -0800
Hey guys,
I've been just a lurker for quite a while, but I think that a small explanation of our Pressure Gauge release could benefit the group.  When John first contacted me several months ago about releasing Pressure Gauge, I was very excited to have our first exclusive title.  John sent me the bin and at first glance I wondered whether or not Pressure Gauge should be re-released.  It is a bit sparse in the graphics arena and I wondered if I would be bored with it after five minutes.  It seemed a bit too simple to me.

I searched through the AA and DP forums and came across several threads that mentioned Pressure Gauge as a favorite in the collections of the few lucky people that have the first release of Pressure Gauge.  Here's a few of the threads: - Check the bottom of Snider-Man's post - Joe's post

After seeing that several people listed Pressure Gauge as their favorite, I decided to sit down and give the game a good look.  I was very skeptical at first, but soon found myself playing again and again.  It didn't take too long for me to realize that the classic gaming community needed another chance to own Pressure Gauge.

Of important note is that the gameplay changes every five levels.  It doesn't just get faster as you move up.  The sixth level is just as slow as the first, but a flicker effect makes it much more difficult.  The eleventh level has a range bar that moves up and down.  That's actually as far as I've been able to go in the game.  John put a lot of work into making Pressure Gauge a fun game.

Anyway, on the surface, Pressure Gauge is deceiving.  It's actually a very fun game when you dig in.  That's why we went ahead and released it.

Jarett Waite
Packrat Video Games

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