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Subject: Re: Re: [stella] PhillyClassic, John K Harvey, the homebrew scene, etc WAS:Climber 5 source code
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 26 Mar 2004 13:32:09 -0000
> Hi Jarett,
> > Anyway, on the surface, Pressure Gauge is deceiving.  It's actually a very 
> > fun game when you dig in.  That's why we went ahead and released it.

But--it's so simple! I mean it's controlled by a single fire button, for 
crying ou....oh, right. Ahem.

I actually cheated and ran it slowly on Z26...even then it was very tricky
in parts, almost too difficult.

And, btw, is the title "Pressure Gauge" or "Equalizer"?

> I bought Pressure Gauge from Randy back when he was in business. I agree with 
>you. Pressure Gauge may not be the most graphically advanced game but it's 
>still fun. And if you agree with the Activision founders...that's what it's 
>all and game play.

See, I think Activision's founders is the wrong example, because as 
fun as the early games were, Activision really stands out for having 
some of the most gorgeous, visually rich games released for the 2600.  
They really caught the eye back in the day, and seemed to be doing things
grpahically that atari proper couldn't.

(heh, speaking of early Activision, I guess the game is a bit
like Dragster, conceptually, in talking about pinpoint timing...)

PG is just SO Spartan...I mean, it looks like one of those 
mocked-up screenshots where people are making fun of the atari-
like and
the 2 squares and a rectangle of "Jet Goblin Attack".

I worry that it's so spartan that it makes it harder to figure
out how to play...well, maybe. But it would be neat if it 
wasn't so abstract, like had a few token bells and whistles,
like mascots doing the button pressing, or some visual metaphor
like a bucket being filled or something. I dunno.

I'm not criticizing the decision to release it as is, but if
the gameplay has that much potential, it is kinda too bad that 
the sequel he talks about in [stella] never came about.

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