Incoming! WAS: [stella] PhillyClassic, WAS:Climber 5 source code

Subject: Incoming! WAS: [stella] PhillyClassic, WAS:Climber 5 source code
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 27 Mar 2004 01:21:40 -0000
> Seriously though...I think it's about ready to enter
> beta testing except for a few missing sound effects. 
> Feel free to d/l the binary and test on some real
> hardware, whoever wants to check it out.
> I make no guarantees on when I will address any bugs
> found in testing though... :)

I think right now the "most pressing" need is some kind 
of explosion animation and/or sound when there's a hit.
The quietly dropping from the sky just isn't very satisfying.

Other thoughts: (mostly from fiddling a bit in Z26)

-the select switch seems *really* unresponsive on 
  the title screen (this is under Z26) Are you 
   checking it every frame?
-The "defaults" for all 3 emulators I tried put it 
 in "flat plain" mode which really doesn't show off 
 all the cool stuff your game is doing. You might want
 to switch it around a bit
-Arguably, "no one" wants as many game options as you 
 put in.  In particular, it's annoying (esp with the 
 unresponsive select reading!) to have to press so much
 to get to a 2 player game. Ideally, maybe it could 
 alternate 1 player 5, 2 player 5, 1 player 10, 2 player
 10, etc. And maybe just 5, 10, 25 or so would be enough
 option for round count...I don't know what peole's tolerance
 is for # of rounds, but 50 seems like quite a lot...

Anyway, I know what a grind it can be to get criticism
and suggestions when you really want is coplements, and 
there is quite a lot to complement in this game. Your 
kernal is really quite nifty, I got some idea from JoustPong 
how careful you have to be to have a really flexible playfield.
And like your journal says, a cloud wind meter would be 
quite nifty, though (i'm guessing) you'd have put in 
sprite repos between the lowest location of the cloud
and the highest of the player. (Heh, i wonder if you 
could replace the directional arrow with a recognizable
windsock :-) You might be too low on bytes for that.

   "God made everything out of nothing, but the nothingness shows through." 
         --Paul Valery 

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