Re: [stella] Lode Runner

Subject: Re: [stella] Lode Runner
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 30 Mar 2004 21:20:42 -0000
> Yes, since SpaceWar! 7800 is playable, I've been thinking about going back
> to Gold Digger / Leprechaun.  Plus I realized that Kirk or Christopher
> Tumber could probably make a JavaScript level editor so everyone could
> create levels.  (I remember creating a couple Lode Runner levels on the
> Apple ][ back in the days; fun!)

That could be fun!
But I wonder if a Java version might be better...(I tend to code to old
Java 1.0 standards to maximize compatability) One problem w/ javascript
is A. I know there are some incompatabilites cross-browser, but I don't 
know what they are and B. I didn't deeply research it, but I'm not sure 
if I found a good way to do "painting"--with PlayerPal, everything is 
pixel by pixel clicking. I could come up with some UI workaround 
(like a point to point line mode for making big stretches of floor
or ladder) but still...

I once came up with a pretty nifty java applet for a construction save, it would make a URL embedding the shape location details
and then send it to a CGI script...and once *that's* done, the skies 
the limit in what technologies you use serverside...I could even imagine
getting a linux compile of DASM, so the build source, assemble source
is all server side, and you get a binary to download at the end, all
glued together with a perl wrapper.   (my rented webspace tends to 
be on Apache/Linux, not IIS/NT, so if I were hosting the contest, it
would have to be that.  It's also what I'm more familiar with)

Music is maybe tougher. I've been meaning to get into generating 
music and timing data in general in java, I made do with the flimsiest
Java hack to get the beat timing just right in JoustPong, but is possible
as well. 

Alright, just thinking out loud.  Let me know when you return to 
this project, it could be a blast.

"What kind of a loser comes in at 12 and leaves at 2?"
	"The other name for that is executive." --Dave + Bob

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