Re: [stella] Lode Runner

Subject: Re: [stella] Lode Runner
From: "Eric Ball" <ericball@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 15:52:37 -0500
Lee Fastenau
> I'd never steal a game idea!  Well... I mean... besides the one I'm
> currently coding, which is from an old Compute! Gazette disk.  Seriously
> though, I wish I were more creative when it comes to conceptualizing
> game ideas.  In fact, the game I'm thinking about doing next is simply a
> port of Lode Runner. (Clone Runner?)

Albert Yarusso
> Not sure if you're aware, but Eric Ball has been working on a Lode
> Runner-style game for the 2600, originally called Gold Digger but it
> now goes by the name Leprechaun.  I think progress has been slowed by
> his foray into 7800 programming, but I get the impression he plans on
> continuing with it (I'm sure he can provide more info.. <grin>)   You
> can read all about it here:

Kirk Israel
> Anyway, a Lode Runner game would be frickin' PERFECT for an
> board editor / binary builder / atari age contest.

Yes, since SpaceWar! 7800 is playable, I've been thinking about going back
to Gold Digger / Leprechaun.  Plus I realized that Kirk or Christopher
Tumber could probably make a JavaScript level editor so everyone could
create levels.  (I remember creating a couple Lode Runner levels on the
Apple ][ back in the days; fun!)

I've just got this one 7800 demo that I want to finish first....

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