RE: [stella] Why Cartridge?

Subject: RE: [stella] Why Cartridge?
From: "Lee Fastenau" <stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 21:47:33 -0600
Patrick said...
> [lots of good stuff]

I'm relatively new to the VCS emulation and programming world, so I haven't
taken the time to consider what my goal really is in all this.  It's just
been a whirlwind of learning and development, plus great communication with
a first class community.  You all have managed to transcend the
capriciousness that seems to have taken root in many other emulation
circles.  When I signed up with this list, my first thought was, "So this is
where the SERIOUS retro-users are."  I've been retro-computing since '97 and
have never felt the level of support and devotion to the group as I do here.

And how does this relate to Patrick's comments?  Well, I agree that tangible
hardware and media is part of the full retro experience.  I bought an Apple
//c on eBay, scrubbed the case, soaked the keys, took a cotton swab to the
motherboard, and began hording classic software packages.  Things were
great, but I eventually got tired of sniping software on eBay, got tired of
transferring disk images back and forth between my PC and Apple, and got
tired of feeling like I was the only person on earth still using an 8-bit
computer.  Community is what really makes this all worthwhile, and we have
that here.

To me, real carts and VCS's are a big part of the fun, but I've been having
a blast doing development with emulators.  I do plan on picking up a VCS and
I already have a Supercharger, but I'm not as excited about the hardware as
I am about creating and sharing games and ideas with everyone here.

I suppose my goal then is to just participate and keep having fun.


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