[stella] OT: Rampart WAS: Reflex: Paddle woes

Subject: [stella] OT: Rampart WAS: Reflex: Paddle woes
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 2 Apr 2004 20:51:07 -0000
> I'd really like to see this game use driving controllers.  I think it's
> perfect.  Playing it with joysticks would feel like palying Rampart on
> a PS2 controller.  It just isn't right.

Incidentally, it's not perfect, but I think the Xbox version of that 
Midway collection is much more playable than the PS2, controller wise.
(The only trouble is "rotate" and "place" are, I think, reversed from 
the SNES version (which, oddly, was more playable than the PS2 controller
version, but max 2 player) so I always get the 2 mixed up in the heat of

I've never played it with a proper trakball :-( 
Even in college, it was one guy on mouse, one on joystick, one on keyboard,
and the mouse guy could kick butt.

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