[stella] 4 player game idea WAS:Reflex: Paddle woes

Subject: [stella] 4 player game idea WAS:Reflex: Paddle woes
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 2 Apr 2004 20:46:42 -0000
Synopsis: talking about an idea I've had for a 4 player game

> 30 lines of overscan is too short; that'll get you only about
> a 20-degree range of movement on the paddle, which is too small.
> 40 lines of Vblank isn't enough either.  If you can come
> up with a clever way to run the paddle check through the entire
> overscan plus Vblank interval while still doing the game
> mechanics calculations, go for it...

I wonder how warlords does it...some day I should get my Distella 
mojo working. 

Here's my game idea, if people want to brainstorm about a kernal...
I'm still not sure when or if I'm going to get to this.
I'm picturing something with a mechanic a bit like Nintendo's 
Smash Brothers meets Sumo Wrestling by way of Adventure's Block...try 
to knock your 3 opponents off a central platform. (kernal permitting,
more complex boards might be possible).  It seems a bit cheesy, but I'm
thinking of the Adventure block so I can use 2 players and a missile or 
ball or something...though damn it, I just realized I need to get tricky
to have 4 colors....grrr.
It uses the paddle a little differently than usual, it controls the X
speed, like from -10 to +10.  Actually, not the speed, the acceleration,
because physics is a big part of this.  And button jumps...jumping and 
slamming is the biggest part of this game.

As a block gets more slammed, it (ideally) increases it brightness, indicating
it's getting lighter and can be more easily be hit off the platform.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this game is as much fun as it sounds 
in my head. And then I'm not sure, given that I don't need fine 
resolution, if I could put the paddle polling in an oddball place,
or if I could pull off doing 4 (3?) graphic updates AND paddle reads
in 2 scan lines...

Tentative names: Slam, Slamnation, or Slamlords.  

Ugh. I should get back and finish up 2600 101 rewrite and 2600 Cookbook

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