Re: [stella] NTSC or PAL Dev ?

Subject: Re: [stella] NTSC or PAL Dev ?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 4 Apr 2004 14:05:02 -0000
> >Ah, cool. So we finally have a volunteer to do the 2600 version of 
> >Catapult! ;-)

> Well, i dive into the stella programmer's guide last night and I have to say that I feel it will be a long time before I can program such a game.
> First I'll try to change the color of the background and display a player graphic * Big Work for me now as I haven't totally understood the way to build the program structure, I'll dig into the stella archive for this... *. If I can do that first, I'll consider to make more elaborate programs later. ;-)

Have you seen my tutorial 2600 101
as well as Andrew Davie's Newbiew Forum,

Both are easier "first steps" to diving right into the 
Stella Programmer's Guide and the stella archives--
though both the guide and the archives are crucial 
resources once you've reached the end of the newbie

Admittedly my tutorial is a little NTSC centric...
typical American Imperialism at work.

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                     --Janeane Garofalo

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