RE: [stella] Reflex: Source of PAIN!

Subject: RE: [stella] Reflex: Source of PAIN!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 5 Apr 2004 13:16:57 -0000
> Real quick, I doubled the vertical resolution of the controller icons and
> gave them some texture.  Attached is the new binary.  Hit Select to view the
> different controller configurations (joystick or driving controller).
> I originally opted for the steering wheel icon because the grand prix icon
> that's on the actual controller was difficult to replicate in an 8x8 grid.
> Now that it's 8x16, it might make more sense to do that.  What do you think?

To be honest:
the joystick is MUCH improved (I can see that whole rightbrainy thing/
design sense kick in) but I liked the old steering wheel better...the old
steering wheel was steering wheel enough to tell me "steering wheel...oh 
yeah, driving controller....hey, that other misshappen lump must be a 
joystick!" ;-) but the new one...I dunno, I see it as some kind of key 
inside of a circle.  When I know it's a steering wheel, I see what kind
of wheel you're trying to get at, but... (not sure what you meant when 
you were talking gran prix)

[from another branch:]
>> I'd like to
>> see it have a one player variation with only *one* paddle instead of the
>> opposing pair.
>I added it to my proposed features doc.  The current code relies heavily on
>the fact that the paddle is mirrored from the top and right to the bottom
>and left.  The inclusion of this feature may, in the end, be dependant upon
>how much remaining ROM I have left.  Still, the more gameplay variety the

that has implications for some the 2 player variants we were talking about.

I'd still lurv to see multiball options.  Try Mondo Pong:
basically, it halves the amount of time the player is just 
sitting and waiting, without, say, halving the size of the 
screen or doubling the speed. (and I mean, two paddles,
two balls...seems like a natural to me...and the 1 ball
mode could go back to the pretty 2 tone...)

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