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Subject: Re: Aw: Re: [stella] Hm...
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 02:35:24 -0700
At 01:32 AM 4/8/2004, you wrote:
But, as Zach assumed, I had something different in mind, namely Archon...

Also with Archon the pieces are not the same shape on either side. So there are many more piece types than with regular chess. I'm not so sure the graphics will be very recognizable with an open venitian blind routine. A closed venitian blind routine ala Polo would probably be necessary.

As far as I see, the only thing that has to be sacrificed in a port would be the tri-state ability of the Archon board.

Is there enough time during the kernel to do rewrites to the background and/or playfield registers to do this?

To make the board itself without any sprites it's probably doable.

Maybe if it were a Supercharger game you could play some tricks to pull something like that off.

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