RE: [stella] Atari VCS 2600A Question

Subject: RE: [stella] Atari VCS 2600A Question
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 8 Apr 2004 19:32:37 -0000
> > The video and audio are on the same cable; it's RF, not composite
> > video.  Buy yourself a female RCA-to-F-type-Coax adapter (Radio Shack or
> > somewhere) and plug it into your TV, channel 3 or 4.
> Thanks!  Radio Shack had everything I needed, but I forgot to pick up a
> TV/Game switcher.  Anyway, it works.  I have yet to test it with the

For best picture quality, I don't think you want a TV/Game switcher in the 
mix...if you're thinking of that old slider thing with the two anntenna leads.

Your best bet, and what the original poster was talking about, is this:
Atari Age has 'em, I suppose a local electronics store might as well, 
I dunno.  But the picture is quite good, second only to a proper A/V
plug mod, and orders of magnitude better than anything using the old 
antenna leads.  (my old atari output -> switchbox -> two anntenna 
to coax cable -> tv input setup was nasty to look at, all staticky)

> Supercharger.  It needs a lot of cleaning... I've taken old computers apart
> and cleaned them before, but I don't know how to make the switches work
> better.  They seem to have a lot of grit in them.  I'm hoping I can just use
> some WD-40.  Any suggestions?

"I'm a software guy and that's clearly a hardware problem"--
that's the same excuse I gave when I couldn't work the latch at the 
end of an amusment park ride, and a friendly neighborhood 10 yr old had
to show me how to get out...
> Thanks again!  (I'm on my way to testing Reflex on the real thing!)

An awesome feeling, believe you me.

"My favorite is The Invisible Man, because in great scene Invisible Man
 eats large bowl of cookies.  All you see are cookies.  No distractions. 
 Me like that."--Cookie Monster, asked to name Favorite Movie Monster

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