Re: [stella] got my homebrew idea!

Subject: Re: [stella] got my homebrew idea!
From: "Joseph Thompson" <jrt1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 18:50:25 -0600
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Subject: [stella] got my homebrew idea!

> You're flying a dragon fighting thread, err, umm, something like
> thread.  Don't want any legal problems with Mrs. McCaffrey :-)
> The controls will be a joystick in the left plug and a numeric pad in
> the right.  The joystick to fly you around, the fire button to flame
> attack. The numeric pad is used to quickly teleport to different
> sections of the screen.  The top 9 buttons will correspond to 9
> locations in the air, while the bottom 3 will take you to sections on
> the ground for "refueling".  The bottom of the screen would be green
> farmland that get scorched as the "stuff" falls on it.  Game over if
> all the farmland is scored, or if you loose all your lives.
> While Pern has you associated with a single dragon, I thought I'd color
> your dragon based on the difficulty level.  White would be highest.

So, it'll basically be a cross between Dragon Strike and Trogdor, with Star
Raiders controls?  Very cool . . .

> For bonus rounds, I thought  it might be fun to "feed the dragon".
> Swooping down on the herds and all.   Moooooo.

That would be very sweet . . .

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