Re: [stella] Finally underway: 2600 Cookbook

Subject: Re: [stella] Finally underway: 2600 Cookbook
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 12 Apr 2004 12:37:38 -0000
Synopsis: just some ideas for the future of 2600 Cookbook

> >I started work on 2600 Cookbook, what might end up being my
> >biggest contribution to the 2600 homebrew community.
> I started on pretty much the same thing a while back.  I've attached what I 
> did in hopes that you can integrate it into your guide.  Some of the 
> sections are pretty much finished, and I have notes on quite a few other 
> subjects I thought should eventually be covered.  Although you've already 
> listed a lot of them.

It is similar in spirit, though I have to figure out how much of a 
stickler I'm going to be for runnable examples.  Right now I want to 
focus on the biggest "bang for the buck", concepts I used  and found
very helpful, and that other younger (in the experience sense) coders
will find useful. 

Though I guess for some of the advanced topics, it's More OK to not 
give the examples...advanced coders should be able to get by with 
less handholding, and some things (link bankswitching) are just kind
of too big to give an example for, maybe.  Also, there's the fact that 
my own knowledge level is middling-fair, so if I end up writing most 
of this, I don't want to over-extend myself and not write sensible 

(In some ways, Cookbook's core is an extension of 2600 101...101 I
 tried to assume little and include training wheels...but it didn't 
 cover many, many things.  At the end of 101, a person should be 
 able to jump into the Cookbook as well as start to be able to 
 read SPG proper)

BUT--and this is important--*if* the Cookbook catches on as much as I
hope it might, and becomes well publicized within the community, including
even brief mentions of very advanced topics will be a good idea, because
then someone might know some buzzwords to start digging into [stella]
archives with. Even if I included your work as an appendix because I
don't have time/energy to round out the topics, just having the list of 
TODOs in a centralized place is much better than nothing.  (Assuming the 
Cookbook becomes more of a "centralized place"...which reminds me, I should
post some .zips of 2600 101 and eventually the cookbook to [stella],
just on the off chance something happens to my site in the long run.)

  A program should follow the 'Law of Least Astonishment'. What is this law? 
  It is simply that the program should always respond to the user in the way 
  that astonishes him least.  --Tao of Programming, 

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