Re: [stella] Finally underway: 2600 Cookbook

Subject: Re: [stella] Finally underway: 2600 Cookbook
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 12 Apr 2004 14:07:25 -0000
Synopsis: on freeform no-hierarchy group efforts like Wiki vs efforts 
with a small editorial team.

> Andrew Davie wrote:
> >Why don't we just start a 2600 'wiki' and then we can all 
> > contribute.
> Great idea!
> Actually I was wondering about this too, but I with some of those 
> stupid bastards in the community around, I am not 100% sure it 
> will work for long. But it's definitely worth a try.

I've never been a part of a Wiki community.

I have to admit that my belief is that, in practice, the best stuff comes 
from one motivated person with "a little (well, a lot of) help from his
friends", that your more likely to get results when there's a small core
team of editors.  Most succesful collborative sites I've seen that 
downplay the "core editor" role have some sort of extensive "moderator 
points" system (Slashdot) or other deep bizarre hierarchy (everything2).  
Also, you need a very large community, maybe larger than us homebrewers,
to habitually undo the work of vandals, unless access is controlled.

 What i really think it is is that 40% of making a good document is 
 fun. The other 60% is work that no one wants to do, so it take's someone's
 ego towards responsibility for the whole document to get that stuff

I guess I'm getting a little defensive, more than I probably need to be...
(I do that sometimes w/ Atari stuff, and it's not healthy) But when 
Andrew said "why don't we just start a wiki then we can all contribute"...
well, every one is more than welcome to contribute to Cookbook (and will
be properly credited of course), I'm just trying to keep it in the 
problem/discussion/full example format.  And of coure, if someone starts 
a Wiki, I would probably put articles i wrote for the Cookbook into it, 
and certainly crib from it for the Cookbook.

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