RE: [stella] Master Mind deluxe - 1st Playable beta

Subject: RE: [stella] Master Mind deluxe - 1st Playable beta
From: "Lee Fastenau" <stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 10:56:14 -0500
> Finaly......
> I re-wrote the key generation code and as far as I can tell it works :-D
> I'd still like to add a scoring feature (using my remaining 3
> bytes of ram)
> But this is it. The first playable test version.
> Only took 18 days ;-) (most of which where spent on the key generation)

Very nice!  I never played the Mastermind board game, per se, but the
4-digit equivalent on a computer and word-based variants.

Some gameplay things I noticed (and you've probably got on a to-do list
somewhere already):
* I accidentally held the fire button down too long and it skipped a row.  I
know you're low on RAM, but you might want to store the fire button state in
a bit somewhere instead of relying on the same delay counter as the joystick

* The delay counter for the joystick should not have to expire if the
previous state of the joystick was centered.  Rapid quick taps on the
joystick should give rapid feedback.

* The colors should cycle based on the color at the current position and not
a global color variable.  For instance, if I push up (white) - right - down
(black) - left - down (brown) - up (black), the left piece should be white,
not black.  The current method also lends to unpredictable cycling as you
move into empty slots.

Hope this is helpful to you.  Great progress!  It's so cool to see a game go
from concept, to kernel demo, to playable.

Have fun!


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